Smoked Chicken Salad with Black Tea Dressing Recipe

Black tea is not only a popular beverage, but it can at the same time be used to make excellent salad dressings! For this smoked chicken salad you need the following ingredients: 225 gram smoked chicken 115 grams of raisins 2 small pears 100 gram of chestnuts 1 crop of lettuce Ingredients for dressing: 1… Continue reading Smoked Chicken Salad with Black Tea Dressing Recipe

Green Tea and Black Tea Caffeine

When it comes to comparing tea with coffee or comparing different tea categories, the most discussed topic is caffeine content. While it’s safe to assume that any tea should have significantly less caffeine than coffee, this is more difficult for caffeine levels between tea types. Based on general consensus we can assume the amount of… Continue reading Green Tea and Black Tea Caffeine

Black Tea Health Benefits Overview

We are happy to announce that Teasenz has published a summary of major black tea studies on black health benefits. In summary black tea is found to be beneficial in the following ways: – improve cardiovascular health (heart) – weight (obesity) – cancer prevention – diabetes prevention – antibacterial effects – improve work performance and… Continue reading Black Tea Health Benefits Overview

Eight Reasons to Drink Tea

More and more studies are coming out every day about the health benefits of tea. Green, Black, White, Oolong, or Herbal – the brewed stuff can really help your health. Nutritionist Patricia Bannan of offers Eight Reasons to Drink Tea: 1. Prevents Cavities –┬áTea contains a small amount of natural fluoride, a chemical that… Continue reading Eight Reasons to Drink Tea