2 Chinese Dried Rose Tea Recipes: Low Calories & Lots of Benefits

Rose flower tea is delicious and has lots of benefits such as supporting your digestion, improving the skin, and helping you to de-stress after a busy working day. As it’s caffeine free and near zero in calories, it’s suitable for any time of the day. See the video below showing how you can easily prepare a… Continue reading 2 Chinese Dried Rose Tea Recipes: Low Calories & Lots of Benefits

Honeysuckle Tea & Pregnancy

Due to a recent publication regarding honeysuckle tea’s effect against flu, we have received many emails from customers asking us whether honeysuckle tea can be consumed during pregnancy. For this blog post we have consulted different Chinese medicine doctors to make sure we give a responsible answer. What Chinese Medicine Doctors Say Here’s a few… Continue reading Honeysuckle Tea & Pregnancy

Honeysuckle Iced Tea Recipe

With the health benefits of honeysuckle tea in the international spotlight, we would like the share a wonderful recipe. The cool thing about this recipe is that fresh flowers are used, while in China this herbal tea is made after the honeysuckle flowers are dried. With Easter and Passover behind us, spring is really and… Continue reading Honeysuckle Iced Tea Recipe

Honeysuckle Tea Act As ‘Virological Penicillin” Against Flu

Honeysuckle tea has been consumed in China for centuries for it’s effects against flu. Recently scientist from Nanjing university has confirmed through research this is not only a tradition. The Telegraph reports that: Trials showed that it could be effective against several variants of flu which have caused major public health scares in recent years,… Continue reading Honeysuckle Tea Act As ‘Virological Penicillin” Against Flu

Honeysuckle Tea

When it comes to Honeysuckle herbal tea, the list of health benefits is long, but the main benefit is that it can fight inflammation which is the of many health challenges such as Acne. See the video and learn how easily it can be steeped with a teapot infuser.

Honeysuckle is slightly bitter with a fresh aftertaste that lasts for minutes in your mouth.