Coffee Leaf Tea Guide

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Purple Tea, Coffee Leaf Tea, Alcoholic Tea & More

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10 Benefits of Drinking Tea Over Coffee

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Tea-ception: Tea Made From Coffee?

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coffee versus tea in China

coffee versus tea in China

Coffee has become very popular in China nowadays. Franchise chains like Starbucks and Costa coffee has expanded really fast by opening many stores in first and second tier cities. Especially Chinese office workers in big cities like to drink coffee to stay focused. We noticed TChing’s post about this topic and found it quiet interested that they are hoping that Coffee will outpace Tea in China. 

I agree that coffee has been a big success especially in big cities. However, what we find in China is that most people drink coffee because it’s a Western status symbol to them. They drink Starbucks because they can show off they have a good job, they made it. This effect might be reduced when coffee becomes more common. Also many Chinese are genetically allergic to milk, so cappuccinos and lattes are not an option for them. 

We don’t think coffee will win over tea, because tea is still the most consumed beverage in the world by far.